Utilize our knowĺedge to achieve the best results in the areas of IoT, Smart City, Facility Management, and Industry 4.0.


We will gladly assist you with

  • the use of IoT in your projects
  • the concept and implementation of Smart City
  • the choice of relevant sensors and wireless networks
  • the options of data analytics and machine learning 

We have vast experience with manufacturers of sensor devices, providers of cloud services and implementation of complex Iot use cases.

Would you like to get inspired? Check out our successfully finished projects

Tailored Development

We have team members focused on development and they can bring your ideas to life.

We can create for you

  • a mobile app connected to the Hexio IoT Platform
  • interesting visuals fulfilling your ideas
  • complex portals for your data
  • reports and messages from data analysis

Our Finished Projects

Let´s have a look at our successfully finished projects in the areas of Smart City, Industry 4.0, Facility Management, and other…

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