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Frequently Asked Questions


A data point represents in our platform one processed physical volume. For example, a sensor sends to the cloud data about temperature and humidity, which creates 2 data points and so the platform charges two data points from your subscription.

I have a new IoT sensor, how do I connect it?

Go through our documentation, specificaly through part supported devices and there you will find a full how to do. If you did not find the sensor in the list, do not dispair. Send us an email with a request to support the specific device. Do not forget to mention in the email the manufacturer, sensor, type, description, and a manual to the sensor, we will take care of the rest and we will get back to you.

which data format does the platform support?

The platform is automatically able to process

  • numerical text values (ie. 45.7 ; -5e3) – beware the decimal point
  • JSON, from which it is possible to process all numerical and boolean values

More Here.

Which communication protocols does the platform support?

The platform is directly able to connect itself to sensors communicating via

  • HTTP
  • MQTT
  • IQRF through GW

Further, the platform is able to process data from IoT networks LoRa and SigFox. To connect to these networks, you will need a special account provided by a specific provider (for SigFox it is SimpleCell, for LoRa it is CRA), this is something Hexio does not create for you. More Here.

I Have used up almost all of the data points, what should I do?

Your data points renew every month do the specific valua based on your subscription. If your data points ran out before the end of the month, you can contact us and we will easily increase the amount for you as a one time action. If your data points run out earlier regularly, we recommend to switch to any other of our higher subscriptions.

The sensor played a trick on me and charged a large amount of data points, is it possible to recover them?

Data points automatically renew every month. However, if the sensor shows unexpected behavior and sends data very often, we recommend to change the interval of data sending. For more information please contact the manufacturer or look into our documentation.

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